George and Julie Green become Heroes for Heroes Affiliates!

George and Julie Green have recently partnered with Homes for Heroes and were featured on their website this month! Homes for Heroes® is a national organization whose mission is to provide extraordinary savings to local heroes who provide extraordinary services to our community every day. If you are an active military, teacher, healthcare worker, EMS, firefighter or

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May 2016

Hello everyone! The 502Realty Group is growing!! I just wanted to take a minute this month to welcome the newest member of our team – my wife, Julie Green. Julie will be taking on the role of Client Support Specialist for the team and although she has been involved with the group before now in

April 2016

Hello everyone! Spring is here and with it, the #1 season for making home improvements. Whether you are considering making home improvements for personal desire or in preparation to sell your home, the statistics speak for themselves. Home improvements CAN increase your home’s value…but not always. For example, according to an article by using